There had been numerous attempts at modifying the Panzer IV during the course of its life, some successful, others not. S was based on a study by Krupp in looking to replace the standard Panzer IV turret with the Panther Schmalturm turret. This proposal did not go very far as it was quickly concluded this was not feasible, likely due to the weight of the Schmalturm turret, if not other issues. Of the recorded battles, the mean Silver was typically 22 times the base damage inflicted. If you have a game where you inflict 1, DMG, expect around 22k Silver. Due to the weak engine, weak hull armor, and the strength of the Kwk 42, the Pz. S is best suited as a mobile gun platform.

Fájl:Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-478-2165-05A, Italien, Panzer V (Panther) im Gelände

F turret mounting an 8. On 14 March , further development of the Panther was discussed with the Generalinspekteur der Panzertruppen. A new situation had been presented as a result of the excellent work by the Waffenamt in designing an 8.

Feb 04,  · – Panzer IV – the Schmalturm was twice as heavy as the usual turret, the suspension wouldn’t have survived that, but at least the turret ring is the same – remember the Panzer IV turret installed on the Panther : For the Record.

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Its a nice looking tank, and is probably most comparable to the Jumbo sherman. Stat wise, its very similar to the T14 — same gun, same matchmaking, but less HP and less effective armor. The gun reloads blindingly fast and has acceptable alpha for tier, but its penetration and accuracy are low. This means you have to place shots carefully — no easy task in tier 5. When you can just aim and burn such as against other mediums, tier 4s, etc it does great.

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General info Panzer IV Ausf. H in the Garage. H Panzer IV Ausf.

The Schmalturm turret was designed to carry the deadly KwK 42 75mm L/70 tank gun. In order to accommodate this powerful cannon, modifications had to be made to the recoil system. but this turret had only 50/30mm of armour and had a weight of 4,5tons. The Panzer IV mit Schmalturm would’ve been the final and most powerful form of the Panzer.

Since in addition to being very light, the tank was also very short half a meter shorter than the AMX , the driver used a reclined position and the gunner had to have his body halfway inside the hull, making turret traverse limited: The prototype is preserved at the Museum of Armour in Saumur. These prototypes featured a oscillating turret with a cupola for the gunner located along the turret centerline. The turret itself was offset to the left in order to make room for a driver’s compartment in the hull.

These weapons were to be reloaded by the driver either by rotating the turret so that the driver could open his hatch and insert new projectiles without leaving his seat, or by having the driver climb out and reload the weapons from a standing position next to the tank. It was also suggested that the rear ends of the mm weapons’ barrels be cut so that the rear sections could be rotated into the turret, allowing the gunner to reload the weapons without opening his hatch.

Another version of the tank featuring two mm weapons, each with a five-round revolver-type autoloader , was suggested but not constructed. A prototype featuring a combination of these weapons two SS on the right side of the turret and one SS on the left was built. Archived from the original on June 10, Archived from the original on

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The STB-1 is the Japanese tier 10 medium tank. It is renowned for being extremely gorgeous to look at, having extremely high DPM, and shells that seem to enjoy hitting the ground on fully aimed shots. This creates a very strange tank, one that purely revolves around a gun with extreme strengths and weaknesses, therefore making the STB-1 a challenging tank for many players.

Sep 08,  · Средний танк IV Schmalturm – Обзор от Red Eagle Company [World of Tanks] – Duration: WoT Fan – развлечение и обучение от танкистов.

These figures did not include the cost of the armament and radio. French army studies in found that many Panthers had been sabotaged during production. By comparison the total cost of the early production Tiger I in — has been stated to be as high as , RM. At the beginning of the war, German armoured fighting vehicle manufacturers had employed labour-intensive and costly manufacturing methods unsuitable for the needs of mass production; even with streamlined production methods, Germany never approached the efficiency of Allied manufacturing during World War II.

Hitler was briefed thoroughly on the comparison between the MAN and DB designs in the report by Guderian’s tank commission. Armour protection appeared to be inadequate, while “the motor mounted on the rear appeared to him correct”. He agreed that the “decisive factor was the possibility of quickly getting the tank into production”. Reliability was considerably improved over time, and the Panther proved to be a very effective fighting vehicle, [31] but some design flaws, such as its weak final drive units, were never corrected.

The crew had five members: Engine[ edit ] The first Panthers were powered by a Maybach HL P30 engine, V petrol engine, which delivered metric hp at 3, rpm and had three simple air filters. To save aluminium, the light alloy block used in the HL was replaced by a cast iron block. Two multistage “cyclone” air filters were used to improve dust removal. The crankshaft was composed of seven “discs” or main journals , each with an outer race of roller bearings , and a crankshaft pin between each disc.

Usually, “V”-form engines have their transversely paired cylinders’ connecting rods’ “big ends” simply placed side by side on the crankpin, with their transverse pairs of cylinders offset slightly to allow the connecting rod big ends to attach side by side while still being in the cylinder bore centerline.

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By the end of the review you should have a good understanding as to whether or not this tank is worth purchasing for your garage. To make things worse the accuracy is. The rate of fire of A which mounts the same gun with 15 rounds per minute and a. Despite the poor gun performance compared to its peer the gun is devastating against most tier 3 tanks and lightly armored tier 4 tanks. This is due to the HE shell having 38mm of penetration with damage since it is very capable of penetrating most tanks with ease.

Panzer 4 schmalturm matchmaking Posted on December 13, inUncategorized Wenn sie glück mit dem matchmaking. camo values were determined during test battles. in real battles your camo value will be affected by many things: these are only approx. panzer 4 schmalturm matchmaking · world of tanks (wot) et annet ord for dating medarbeidere gameplay mit mootality – german heute.

Panther ultimate evolution — Panther Ausf. F Posted on by Silentstalker Hello everyone, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the Panther and its historical properties. F or Panther F was to be the ultimate evolution program for the Panther vehicle. Its prominent feature was supposed to be the Schmalturm narrow turred depicted above however, the picture does NOT show Panther Ausf.

G hull with second version of Schmalturm with S. Now would be a good time to actually make a thick line between realistic, designed and proposed upgrades for the Panther. Panther F was a concept incorporating various improvements, but it was NOT to have everything that could be mounted in a Panther. For example, the German GT series gas turbine was also intended for a Panther, but not specifically for Panter F, it was an experimental program only and it was never meant for serial production.

Back to Panther F then:

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It became the backbone of the German Heer’s Army Panzer Divisions, and was the only German tank to stay in production for the entire duration of the conflict. It first appeared in the anime in Episode 1. D Together with its contemporary, the Panzer III , this tank was the brainchild of Panzerwaffe’s founding father Heinz Guderian, which envisioned the need for a tank suited for fighting other tanks and a tank which could provide support with a larger caliber howitzer, which became the Panzer IV.

With the first prototypes appearing in , mass production began only with the Ausf. A-B-C being pilot series , and went on to the Ausf.

In a bid to augment the Panzer IV’s firepower, an attempt was made to mate a Schmalturm turret — carrying the longer 75 mm In addition, Turkey was a buyer, with 35 Panzer IV received until 4 May in exchange for some chromium. Delivery began with the .

Peter Pig first produced these dice with piggy head on the 6 instead of the traditional 1 in Another innovation from Peter Pig. XX Pair of choice dice 2 faces “I choose” 4 Faces blank. Used when a player wishes to choose the location of the casualties inflicted. Used in some Peter Pig rules. We make different figures and models.

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To support the Panzer III, which would be armed with a millimetre 1. Development was carried out under the name Begleitwagen “accompanying vehicle” , [9] or BW, to disguise its actual purpose, given that Germany was still theoretically bound by the Treaty of Versailles ban on tanks. Permitting greater vertical deflection of the roadwheels, this was intended to improve performance and crew comfort both on- and off-road.

Matchmaking. The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier.

As an upgrade to the VK , it sort of fits – it’s big, heavy and cumbersome. Let’s have a look at this vehicle. History Not a lot is known about the recon Panther. It was a project from early Spielberger in his book “Panther and its variants” Panther und seine Abarten states: With somewhat increased armor, it was to be used on both the Leopard and Panther recoinnaissance vehicles. And that’s basically it.

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