Geography[ edit ] The Coney Island peninsula from the air Coney Island is the westernmost part of the barrier islands of Long Island referred to as the outer barrier islands , and is about 4 miles 6. At its highest it is 7 feet 2. It was formerly an island that was separated from the main part of Brooklyn by Coney Island Creek , a partial tidal mudflat , but a large portion of the creek was filled as part of s and 30s land and highway development, turning the island into a peninsula. The perimeter of Coney Island features man made structures designed to maintain its current shape. The beaches are currently not a natural feature with replenishing sand being cut off by the jetty at Breezy Point, Queens. Sheepshead Bay on the east side is, for the most part, enclosed in bulkheads.

Yonaguni Monument

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In February , scientists revised the estimate of the magnitude to 9. A study estimated a magnitude of Mw 9. This quickly elevated the height and increased the speed of waves, destroying the nearby Indonesian town of Lhoknga. The Sumatra earthquake is believed to have been a foreshock , preceding the main event by over two years. Their seismic moments can account for a significant fraction of the global seismic moment across century-scale time periods.

Of all the moment released by earthquakes in the years from through , roughly one-eighth was due to the Indian Ocean earthquake.

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Haunted Places and Centers of Paranormal Active: This cemetery is known to house many war veterans dating all the way back to the Civil War. Although there was no history that actually took place on the property, this location seems to attract a lot of paranormal activity.

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Discovery[ edit ] The sea off Yonaguni is a popular diving location during the winter months because of its large population of hammerhead sharks. In , while looking for a good place to observe the sharks, Kihachiro Aratake, a director of the Yonaguni-Cho Tourism Association, noticed some singular seabed formations resembling architectural structures. The formation has since become a relatively popular attraction for divers despite strong currents. Another notable visitor was freediver Jacques Mayol , who wrote a book on his dives at Yonaguni.

Two closely spaced pillars which rise to within 2. The rocks of this group are also criss-crossed by numerous sets of parallel, vertically oriented joints in the rock. These joints are natural, parallel fractures by which the rectangular formations seen in the monument likely formed. Yonaguni lies in an earthquake-prone region; such earthquakes tend to fracture the rocks in a regular manner. Nunn , Professor of Oceanic Geoscience at the University of the South Pacific , has studied these formations extensively and notes that the formations below the water continue in the Sanninudai slate cliffs above, which have “been fashioned solely by natural processes”, and concludes in regard to the underwater formations: Pearson notes, however, that these were small communities: Robert Schoch has noted that the rocks are swept with strong currents.

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Germanic — [ edit ] As the Western Roman Empire was falling apart, a Germanic tribe known as the Vandals briefly took Sicily in AD under the rule of their king Geiseric but in the island was returned to Odoacer , who was ruling Italy, , in the name of the Byzantine Eastern Roman Emperor. The Vandals had already invaded parts of Roman France , Spain, and Portugal, asserting themselves as an important power in Western Europe. The Goths were Germanic, but Theodoric sought to revive Roman culture and government and allowed freedom of religion.

Sicily was the first part of Italy to be taken by general Belisarius , who was commissioned by Eastern Emperor Justinian I as part of an ambitious attempt to restore the whole Roman Empire, thereby uniting the Eastern and the Western halves.

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What has been found is an extremely sophisticated civil engineering project involving multiple lateral tunnels hundreds of feet long that feed sea water into a deep bore tunnel below a depth of about 90 feet. An image of Oak Island is shown below. The causeway in the lower left was built to allow excavation equipment to reach the island. In a young man or teenager named Daniel McGinnis found a circular depression under a tree and a block and tackle on a branch above the depression.

With several friends they began to dig into the depression. They found a layer of flagstones a few feet below the surface and then a layer of logs at about 10 feet.

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Described as a giant Philistine warrior, he is famous for his combat with the young David, the future king of Israel. The purpose of the original story was to show David’s identity as the true king of Israel. Post-Classical Jewish traditions stressed Goliath’s status as the representative of paganism, in contrast to David, the champion of the God of Israel.

Home Entertainment Ideal Type and Dating Rumors of CNBLUE Members. Entertainment; Ideal Type and Dating Rumors of CNBLUE Members. February 28, Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. On the early days of FNC Entertainment, they produced bands such as FT Island and CNBLUE. Even though there are only a few bands in the Korean.

Simons Park marker St. Simons Park Just north of the village on St. Simons Island off Mallery Street is a park of oak trees named St. On the southern edge of the oaks, along a narrow lane, is a low earthen mound where 30 Native Americans are buried. The men, women and children interred there lived in a settlement on the site two centuries before the first European contact. The first inhabitants of St.

Simons were the Mocama , who lived there during fishing season about 2, BC. It is not known what they called themselves. The much later historic tribe, who encountered the Europeans, became known as the Timucuan. The tribe and its people persist. Arising from the prehistoric Mississippian culture that flourished over much of the Southeast, the eastern Timucuan had a territory ranging along the coastal plain of southeast Georgia and northern Florida.

10 Creepy Stories From Mysterious Islands

Share Shares 45K Islands, whether fictional or real, have long been the subject of myths and mysteries. Just think of Atlantis or the Oak Island pit. And there are plenty of other islands with mysterious or creepy stories attached to them.

Feb 01,  · Elaine,I lived in Tampa Florida for 30 years,and used to go everywhere dressed enfemme,as for Fort Lauderdale,it’s pretty much a laid back city,I never had any problems when I’d go there,but I left Florida 11 years ago,I’m pretty sure it hasn’t changed much,enjoy your visit.

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Those green and red eyes stared longingly at you. He was dressed in a burgundy suit with a white button up shirt and black dress shoes. Taehyung walked you to his car, opening the passenger side for you to get in. He got in the car and began to head to the bakery.

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