The custodians of this plant are the medicine men, or shamans. The divine does not give up its secrets easily. It appears the botany of the plant is only half the story. To know it fully, you must experience its effects. Ever since he discovered the talking plants, studying human sciences at University, he has experienced with the hallucinogenic flora. British plants are one thing, but in the Amazon they use Banisteriopsis caapi, or Ayahuasca, for their therapy and it’s a strong medicine. The bitter Ayahuasca brew first makes its drinker violently sick, but it’s in the fierce and often terrifying hallucinations that follow that the healing is said to lie. But Ayahuasca doesn’t work on its own, rather it acts as a key to unlock the psychotropic qualities of another plant, and it’s this plant that Piers is after. Excerpt from film Please visit the official website for more information:

Passport to Love!

Life and Death of a Serial Killer Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer focuses on the life of Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who was executed in for killing six men in Florida. This is actually the second documenary that filmmaker Nick Broomfield did on Wuornos, but this one includes his personal testimony at her trial. Netflix 2 of 22 Amanda Knox Amanda Knox focuses on the exchange student’s infamous murder trial.

The documentary includes candid interviews with the titular subject regarding her trial, retrial, and subsequent release from the Italian prison she lived in for so long. Netflix 3 of 22 The Confession Tapes The Confession Tapes takes a look at a collection of true crime cases, rather than one in particular.

He met his first love, Nancy Putkoski, in high school. And this is when the chef’s bad-ass reputation formed. According to The New Yorker, Putkoski was “an older girl [ ] who ran with a druggie.

Sandy is the young, feisty, ambitious Chinese woman he finds online. This engaging documentary follows their tumultuous love story. MORE For years, twice-divorced airport garage attendant Steven has been writing to numerous women through an online dating site that specializes in connecting Western men with Asian women. At times, his pursuit seems like utter fantasy.

He falls for a year-old woman across the Pacific entirely through pictures and email. When she eventually breaks his heart, he meets another Chinese woman, year-old Sandy. They become engaged, and she flies to San Francisco to marry him. Steven and Sandy negotiate cross-cultural differences huddled around Google Translate as they try to communicate despite an enormous language barrier. While they attempt to work out the significant bumps in their relationship, filmmaker Debbie Lum finds herself becoming more than an outside observer:

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Views and clues inside Detroit’s party scene Credit: Reich, event coordinator for the Detroit area Lock and Key events, will try to prove you wrong. Attendees will attempt to match the locks and keys. For every match you make, you will be entered to win a raffle prize which include cash, manicures, candles, comedy passes and complimentary admission to future Lock and Key events.

We hope that in the future this can happen in Detroit too. Guests will mingle until 9:

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Most of them—not all—we also happen to love. But we did leave out some more obscure personal favorites to make room for the penguins, etc. The second half—in which the characters are knocked off one by one, as in an Agatha Christie thriller—has the audience hanging on every letter. Its massive success ushered in an age of similarly structured competition docs. Marwencol Art as fixation, art as therapy, art as escape: Of Time and the City The great Terence Davies creates a melancholy, even bitter audiovisual collage about his hometown of Liverpool.

But, as always with Davies, the real subject is himself, and in its nakedness, the film acts as both a tribute to a city and a confessional. Inside Job It could be said that what happened during the financial crisis was too complex to depict compellingly on film. Documentarian Charles Ferguson begs to disagree, taking it to the culprits in this passionate indictment of the greed and egomania that helped sink the world economy, and even skewering his on-camera interview subjects.

An Inconvenient Truth Like a molasses-voiced prophet of the apocalypse, Al Gore presents the case for climate change, and chills you to your bones. A movie that gives you chills of exaltation and horror.

8 most controversial TV documentaries ever made

The film lands lowest on this list simply because Herzog approaches the subject matter with such a sense of respect that it almost seems to hamstring his usual incisiveness. That said, it does feature some unique Herzogian visuals, including the migration of thousands of red crabs and a cigarette-smoking chimpanzee.

Herzog and his crew loaded up their gear and scanned the walls with their high-tech cameras for a full three-dimensional experience. While some of the images recreate an impressively deep 3D effect, the hand-held imagery is a bit unstable.

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Share this article Share Dr Shanahan warns Stephen that there are a number of triggers can that cause the symptoms of his condition to worsen – including frequent long haul travel and drinking alcohol. The psychiatrist told him: The presenter admitted he has realised his mental health condition can never be cured but he must learn to live with it He also confessed that he often self-medicates by taking sleeping tablets and drinking vodka to help him get a good night’s sleep.

Dr Shanahan warned him against doing this as alcohol can make the symptoms of depression worse. He told Stephen that making changes in his lifestyle will reduce the risk of manic episodes but agreed with him, ‘you are right, you will have this for the rest of your life. Viewers hit out on the social network demanding he apologise and saying he was ‘stifling diversity’.

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Motivation[ edit ] Caving is often undertaken for the enjoyment of the outdoor activity or for physical exercise, as well as original exploration, similar to mountaineering or diving. Physical or biological science is also an important goal for some cavers, while others are engaged in cave photography. In well-explored regions such as most developed nations , the most accessible caves have already been explored, and gaining access to new caves often requires cave digging or cave diving.

Caving, in certain areas, has also been utilized as a form of eco and adventure tourism.

Croeso – Welcome to Miss Alexander and her incredible historical film archive – an 80 year old cinefilm diary of Wales, the Wirral, Germany and New Zealand. In producer Stef Bate of ValleyStream discovered a rare archive of 13,ft of 16mm cinefilm.

EIS, an expedition to collect data on seasonal changes of glaciers, chronicled the impact of global warming through time-lapse and conventional photography and videography. Balog was once skeptical about climate change, but discovered undeniable evidence after surveying the landscapes in Greenland, Iceland and Alaska during the course of making the documentary. The film focuses on six physicists from CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, as they conduct experiments in an effort to comprehend the origins of the universe.

The documentary follows the scientists through seven years of research and monumental discoveries. Planet Earth Good news – Planet Earth is one of the few documentary television series on this list. The program was produced by BBC in and was the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the network. Each episode focusses on a different part of the world and the wildlife that occupies it.

From the African deserts to the icy Arctic, Planet Earth explores diversity around the globe. Fed Up This film tackles a different scientific phenomenon, the obesity epidemic in the United States.

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July 14, , This article is part of our archive and is likely out of date. The following is a list of sites we found, some of which allow you add comments about the films and even allow you to download the films. The documentaries are classified in categories, making it easy to find films about your favorite topics. If you find documentary films you really like, you can decide to buy them from the Top Documentary Films store.

A travel documentary is a documentary film, television program, or online series that describes travel in general or tourist attractions without recommending particular package deals or tour operators. A travelogue film is an early type of travel documentary, serving as an exploratory ethnographic film.. The genre has been represented by television shows such as Across the Seven Seas, which.

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Admin Serious Dating Alice May Roberts born 19 May [1] [2] is an English anatomist , osteoarchaeologist , physical anthropologist , palaeopathologist , television presenter and author. Roberts was born in Bristol in , the daughter of an aeronautical engineer and an English and arts teacher. After graduating in , Roberts worked in clinical medicine as a junior medical practitioner with the National Health Service in South Wales for 18 months. In she left clinical medicine and worked as an anatomy demonstrator in the Anatomy Department at the University of Bristol , becoming a lecturer there in Roberts spent seven years working part-time on her PhD in paleopathology , the study of disease in ancient human remains, receiving the degree in In , she co-presented modules for the “Beating Bipolar” programme, the first internet-based education treatment for patients with bipolar depression , trialled by Cardiff University researchers.

Kevin Adam Curtis (born 26 May ) is a British documentary film-maker. Curtis says that his favourite theme is “power and how it works in society”, and his works explore areas of sociology, psychology, philosophy and political history. Curtis describes his work as journalism that happens to be expounded via the medium of film. His films have won four BAFTAs.

We have the 9 to 5 job, we have the house, the children, the bills, the television, the hobbies, and the errands that we run every single day, and we eventually begin to believe that this is who we are. But who are we that needs the job title? That needs the status of mother or father? Who are we deep down inside? We don’t know because every time we hear an answer that we don’t want to accept about ourselves, we deny it.

We’ll pass it off and project it onto somebody else and judge them for it. And we see what repression can do to us on an individual level, but what about on a collective level of humanity? What happens when the whole world refuses to see what they truly are in the inside? The self is the universe, the self is the alpha and omega, god, and infinity, and that’s the only thing that evolves because we are all part of the self.

Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone or without direct benefit to the whole.

The Female Orgasm Explained

Once we overcome shyness or modesty, however, we almost all enjoy reminiscing. As the years advance, a “life review” is particularly rewarding, but at any age it can be a great pleasure and an amazing source of insights. If you’re one of the younger members of your family, take my word for it: You may not be eager to hear family stories now, but eventually you will. Having those voices on tape, having the stories behind those photographs preserved, is a far more meaningful legacy in the long term than most other physical legacies.

And in the short term the material can enliven a special occasion, such as a major anniversary, birthday, or memorial service.

Documentaries dealing with Advanced directives, Death with dignity, Dying with dignity, Euthanasia, Hastened death, Health surrogates, Hospice, Legislation about death with dignity, Palliative care, Physician aid in dying, Physician assisted suicide, Right to die, dealing with death.

Uncategorized 1 min ago 0Comments What differed Festival from HBO was that the former channel was programmed as a familyoriented service.. In , HBOs subscriber base expanded greatly as a result of the Writers Guild of Americastrike that year, as the channel had new programming in its inventory during a period in which the broadcast networks were only able to air reruns of their shows.

I feel very lucky to have had her as an aunt. Somebody sat on it I think at a garden party, she said. Dating Someone With Paranoid Personality Disorder 43 Two reasons for what is perceived as the higher quality of these shows are the quality of the writing on the programs and the fact that as a subscriptiononly service, HBO does not carry “normal” commercials; instead the network runs promotions for upcoming Novel Dating Kontrak Bab 14 HBO programs and behindthescenes featurettes between programs.

Id like to give you this. First Text Message Dating M. Beginning with the launch of its first onehour dramatic narrative series Oz, HBO started a trend that became commonplace with premium cable services.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

The internet publish more than 1, articles about marrying Filipino woman – its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, this expats continue their search for love on the islands. I’m writing this article not to discourage you on dating your Filipino girlfriend but to open your eyes to the reality of online dating. I just want to tell you one thing in here. At the back of those chocolate brown eyes, petite bodies and tanned skin, these women are corrupt.

TV Shows. In this Golden Age of TV, it seems there are endless shows to choose from. Read reviews and top selections from every genre to help you decide what to binge on next.

Now, faced with one of her first clients, she finds herself tormented by the memory and effects of her own horrific experience. As the situation becomes personal for Samantha, her spirit is tested and the line between client and counselor is blurred. Written and directed by Doug Conant. The Bully Project — feature-length documentary that follows “a year in the life” of America’s bullying crisis, and offers an intimate look at how bullying has touched the lives of five kids and their families.

With the film at its center, The Bully Project is a grassroots movement to educate and empower kids, parents, teachers and all school staff, to build stronger communities where empathy and respect rule. We are building an alliance to turn the tide on bullying. Are you with us? The Burning Bed — an abused battered wife has had enough of her husband beating up on her. Everywhere she turns for help, there’s not much anyone will do.

After he rapes her one night, she sets the bed on fire with him in it asleep. Directed by Robert Greenwald.

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