Northeastern California Historical Photograph Collection The rich visual heritage of northeastern California is documented in the over 30, images held in the Special Collections photograph collection, many dating from the nineteenth century and representing a wide variety of early photographic processes. This extensive collection is a result of gifts and loans from individuals, historical … John Nopel Photograph Collection The John Nopel Collection is comprised of hundreds of images of Chico and Butte County, residents, landscapes, and industries. A lifelong Chico resident, teacher, and historian, John Nopel collected these unique photographs over many decades and he did so with a passion to create a visual heritage of his hometown. The … Dorothy M. Hill Collection Dorothy Morehead Hill and her associate Robert Rathbun began a series of professional collaborations interviewing a group of Native American Elders and documenting the culture, language and life of Northeastern California’s Native American tribes and families in the early s. They proceeded, both separately and together, for the … Butte County Directories Collection City directories contain alphabetical lists of business firms, corporations and private citizens, as well as numerical street guides, and often miscellaneous directories of city, county, state and United States officers, churches, clubs, colleges and schools, labor organizations, secret and benevolent societies, etc.

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From Route 99 near Bakersfield to Route near Exeter. This segment remains as defined in In , Route 65 was signed along the route from Jct. The original routing for Route 65 ran along present day Route to Route

The Bakersfield Smokers Timing Association conducted the first 1/4-mile drag race on September 9, In the first season, drag races were held 25 miles south of Bakersfield on Highway 99 to Mettler Station, then seven miles west on the Maricopa Cutoff.

Send Email Cancel Chico State volleyball bounces back from a miserable opening weekend with a five set win against Stanislaus State on Wednesday. This five set thriller was just the type of win the team needed to get their season back on track after going in sets over their weekend. Stanislaus State , , , , With incredible performances from: Bekah Boyle leading the way with 22 kills, Nicole Desrochers with 56 assists, Brooke Fogel with 21 digs and freshman Kennedy Rice with 19 kills.

The Wildcats wait back on defense for a serve from Stanislaus State on Wednesday. The horrible weekend looked like it might have just taken a one set break after the Wildcats dropped the second and third sets.

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I am very, very tired of hearing the budget excuse. There is always extra money available when they want to hire a new administrator, or give an administrator a raise. It shows where their priorities are, and it is not with the students or faculty; it is with themselves. It is a horrendous situation at the university, with extremely lacking leadership. There are issues, however, that I have not seen covered yet.

Not a person intent on injuring, immobilizing, or otherwise incapacitating you, of course. Not a person intent on raping your mother, sister, or girlfriend.

Course Offerings The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering The Mechanical Engineering degree program includes the study of mechanical design, thermal-fluid systems, applied mechanics, and automation. The mechanical engineering student is prepared in all of these areas in order to analyze and design complex mechanical systems. Graduates can specialize in areas such as energy conversion systems, mechanisms and machines, manufacturing, materials, and automation through elective courses.

Mechanical Engineering Program Mission The Mechanical Engineering program has the primary mission of providing students a high-quality undergraduate engineering education with a curriculum that is firmly grounded in engineering fundamentals. The faculty is committed to offering a broad undergraduate experience that will promote professional growth and prepare students for a variety of engineering careers, graduate studies, and continuing education. Mechanical engineering graduates will: Practice in engineering-related fields chosen from a broad range of industries 2.

Recognize the need and have the ability to engage in continuing learning to adapt to evolving professions and to advance professionally 3.

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History[ edit ] The official name of the state is Chiapas. Chiapas painter Javier Vargas Ballinas designed the modern coat of arms. Hunter gatherers began to occupy the central valley of the state around BCE, but little is known about them.

A selection of recent stories about the San Francisco State University community that have appeared in the media. Note: These summaries link directly to pages published by the media outlets cited.

Photos by Ashley Gebb During a quest for unidentified flying objects, you keep your eyes to the sky. It only takes a second for a flash of yellow to flutter by or a streak of black to wave in the wind. Instead, I settled for 31 butterflies—only one species of which I could identify on my own—and added a telephoto lens to my birthday list. Education and research coordinator Jon Aull chases a butterfly in hopes of catching and identifying it.

His own Field Guide to Butterflies is well-thumbed, streaked with highlights, and flagged with dozens of yellow tabs. The target is July 4 but the survey can be done anytime between June and August.

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Evaluating the Contemporaneity of Households at the Eden-Farson site Archaeologists often rely on absolute dating methods, but the standard deviations associated with This issue is particularly relevant to the Shoshone Protohistoric site of Eden-Farson located in southwest Wyoming. The campsite consists of at least 11 discrete excavation units and is associated with a successful communal game drive of over pronghorn.

Couple Who Lost Home In Camp Fire Find Forgotten Wedding Ring In AshesA couple that lost their home in the Camp Fire has found a tiny piece of happiness in the midst of their devastating loss.

Aaron Hernandez left celebrated with his University of Florida teammates after they won the Southeastern Conference Championship trophy in Part 2 of 6: Today’s story was written by Ryan. A baby-faced Aaron Hernandez wore an L. Bean backpack when he arrived in Gainesville in January as a frenzy engulfed the University of Florida. A torrent of students flooded University Avenue, climbing light poles and scaling restaurant roofs as they chanted: A Spotlight Team examination of his Florida years found new evidence underscoring how the coldly corporatized world of big-time college football indulged and exacerbated the very traits in Hernandez that would one day destroy his life and end others.

His fascination with violence and the violent. Hernandez 81 came to the University of Florida as a highly touted recruit from Bristol, Conn. He wanted his best freshman players young, and he wanted them on the field early. Hernandez had just turned 17 when he arrived on campus. Hernandez would quickly learn here that consequences and moral norms — even when a human life hung in the balance — did not necessarily apply to football players.

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Email Bio Follow November 9 at But the fire was spreading rapidly, its growth sped by abnormally hot, dry and windy conditions that had prompted official warnings up and down the fire-prone state. Patients, including many on gurneys or in wheelchairs, were loaded in waiting ambulances, police cars, even some nurses’ vehicles as the staff worked to evacuate, Loney said.

The story was not unique.

Get up-to-the-minute environmentally-friendly (or egregiously unfriendly) car news, reviews, high-quality photos and commentary about living green.

This is what the herpes virus looks like under a scope. Apparently people can be infected without showing signs of disease. Advertisement With half the students at Chico State carrying herpes and more than three-quarters of new STDs—particularly chlamydia—in Butte County occurring in people under the age of 25, the odds should scare even the most courageous of Casanovas into carrying a condom. The number of reported cases, however, is likely only a fraction of the new infections because the majority of people infected have no symptoms, according to the Butte County Public Health Department.

Most sexually active women undergo annual exams, so more cases are diagnosed in women each year than men. When diagnosed, chlamydia can be easily treated with a round of antibiotics. The rates at Chico State have remained fairly constant, said Dr.

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Location was good for a visit to Sierra Nevada brewery. A basic motel Alistair, United Kingdom Motel is quiet, clean and reasonable priced. Not fancy but I am just in town to fish and see my son at Chico State.

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Mikaylah Wilson “These two are so different. Alexis is the quicker one, grabbing rebounds, defending and hitting more than 50 percent of her shots. She runs really hard and finishes at the rim. Mikaylah is that player who has so much size and strength that you can’t move her off the block. When she can consistently score down there and develop a face-up game to take the short corner and drive her game will blossom.

They are a really good combo because they are so different. We saw something and we couldn’t understand why other people didn’t see it.

‘Speed dating’: Critics worry Trump is already handing propaganda victories to North Korea

One section of the acre property near 48th Street and Broadway Road is lush and green, lined with trees beneath which visitors might spy local fauna, rabbits, or an indigenous kit fox on the prowl. Mora, who died January 1, , at age 58 of complications from diabetes, has a flat stone marker engraved with two fearsome winged skulls facing each other: Its creepy black-and-white patch featuring a pair of dice with the sixes facing out and cobwebs trailing off the sides was loathed by law enforcement and known to panic ordinary bar patrons, should bikers wearing it roll up to a watering hole en masse.

The most prominent of these traditions remains the famed Florence Prison Run, begun in the early s.

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Edit Speed went to the Emergency Room twice with abdominal pain. The first trip to the ER in lead to the discovery of an Ovarian Cyst “bigger than a golf ball”. The second trip to the ER in lead to the discovery of another cyst on her right Ovary “this time”, however the doctors believed that the cyst was not causing the pain and they couldn’t discover the source of the pain itself.

Edit Speed in a number of videos can be seen suffering from migraines. Speed discussed this in depth and often explained how they affected her. The Vlogs have followed Speed through many life events, including studying abroad in Spain, becoming Engaged, Graduating University, Getting married to Charles Trippy, supporting Trippy through his diagnoses of a ‘Brian Tumor’ and the announcement of their separation – though she did not appear in the video. Speed would record a number of clips throughout the day, as to ensure that the Vlog had enough footage.

Speed edited and uploaded the Vlog on a number of occasions, notably when Trippy was unable to access WiFi while touring with his band We The Kings and when Trippy was recovering from Brain Surgery. However Speed no longer holds the record as she stopped posting Daily Videos after she and Trippy separated – The record now belongs to Charles Trippy alone.

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